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Protect the environment with Prindo Green printer cartridges & toners!

With Prindo Green you are guaranteed to get 100% recycled printer cartridges & toners made from original empty cartridges. The empty cartridges are collected by us after the first use and refilled by our advanced recycling system. This ensures you get the highest quality recycled ink & toner.

By reusing the empty cartridges, we avoid having to produce new cartridges. By purchasing Prindo Green printer cartridges & toners you help to protect the environment and avoid the production of unnecessary plastic waste.

Prindo Classic printer cartridges & toner - the high-quality alternative

With Prindo Classic printer cartridges & toners you get a cost-effective alternative that is just as high quality as the original. Our remanufactured Prindo printer cartridges & toners use only high quality inks and materials. Wear parts are carefully checked and replaced with the imaging components.

Additionally, all Prindo products are tested according to EU standards. Both Prindo Green and Prindo Classic products are tested according to the STMC DIN and DIN 33870 guidelines to ensure a high-quality print image. All Prindo Classic printer cartridges & toners are ready for immediate use and are automatically recognized by your printer.


Prindo multifunctional paper & photo paper

We have put together more Prindo multifunction paper & photo paper for you. 


Multifunctional paper smoke white
Green Prindo PR80500A4G
VAT incl., plus shipping costs
currently not available
Multifunctional paper White
Premium Papier Prindo PR80500A4P
VAT incl., plus shipping costs
directly from stock
Photo paper White
Fotopapier - Glossy Paper InkJet Prindo PR18020A6
VAT incl., plus shipping costs
currently not available